I live in a part of the country where areas are literally rusting away. The old factories are abandoned and the factory houses are dilapadated. The outlook for many of the children being born in these neighborhoods is bleak. The symbolism within reflects these emotions. (c) 2006



World Cultures

August 29, 2009

These are simply clay tiles that I made and then transferred mask images onto from an old book that I had. (c) 2003


Peace Bird

August 28, 2009

I sculpted the hands to cradle a bird but instead I found myself making a heart and breaking an old china bird and attaching the pieces. I liked that it seemed to leave the meaning a bit more open to interpretation from one viewer to another. (c) 2006


Primal Scream

August 20, 2009

I originally did this piece very small. Not happy with how it was going, I began to pound the form down. The shape distorted in such a way that I was enthralled enough to stop there and eventually I repeated this figure in the large form that you see now. (c) 2006


She’s All He’s Got

August 7, 2009

She’s All He’s Got : Featured in a book titled : “Whose Your Dada? Redefining the Doll through Mixed Media“. It will be released this fall. The authors Linda and Opie O’Brien purchased this piece. How happy to see her go to such a good home! (c) 2005

Solemn Soul

August 7, 2009

Solemn Soul : This piece was made with white high fire sculpture clay and assembled deer bone. I enjoyed working with the larger size (without the weight.) (c) 2006