“Gail Trunick – Clay & Rust” by Kevin DeOliveira

April 25, 2013

A short film that I’m very excited about! Made by a very talented young film maker, Kevin DeOliveira.

Gail Trunick – CLAY & RUST from Kevin DeOliveira on Vimeo.

8 Responses to ““Gail Trunick – Clay & Rust” by Kevin DeOliveira”

  1. I truly think Kevin did a wonderful job of bringing such a creative story to life. Beautiful work by both of you!

  2. ohiobob said

    The video is great. It really shows your talent. I’m interested in a piece that is shown in the video. Please contact me.

  3. Camille Hancharenko said

    Beautiful video. Beautiful you.

  4. ali george said

    I’ve been trying to contact you on facebook, but I dont’ think you get my messages- I bought some of your stuff at Oglebay, and was interested in your “baby gears” piece you posted. please email me screamingtreez@yahoo.com, so i can discuss this with you. i’ve messaged you on facebook, but it asks me for $1.00 for the message to go directly in your inbox. thanks! ali george, vu ja de vineyards

  5. lkhunsaker said

    Wonderful! I run an indie arts site and had to share your video there since I’m an amateur artist who has studied art therapy. http://elucidatearts.blogspot.com/2015/03/gail-trunick-clay-rust.html

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