Gail Trunick lives and works in the small, rural northeastern Ohio town of Burghill. Gail grew up eight in a family of nine children. Her father died in a steel mill accident and she was raised by her mother who made her living as a potter. Much of her childhood was enjoyably spent going to outdoor art shows, peddling her mother’s smoked stoneware vessels. From this began a lifelong adventure in the arts, not only for her but also for several of her siblings.

Gail graduated with a BFA from Kent State University with a major in painting in 1980. Soon after graduating, and with the subsequent death of her mother, she found herself more and more drawn to the clay and earth that are her roots. Since this time her artistic concentration has been clay and mixed-media sculpture. Her resume includes numerous one-woman and group exhibitions and she has works included in numerous public and private collections.

Contact Gail at trunickstudio (at)


9 Responses to “About Gail”

  1. Beth said

    Gail, I finally remembered to check out your reconstructed site. It’s wonderful! Sent you email today that was returned as undeliverable (which spurred me to come here). Congrats! Beth

  2. Marianne Nissen said

    Gail, that is a fine, refined website.
    You are unique and whoever set this up, Austin?, is too.

  3. Rhonda said

    Gail, I love your site.
    I actually get it!!!
    You inspire us all!

  4. bruce grimm said

    Saw your art at the Kent art in the park, would like to purchase some pieces, are you local ? Bruce 3308144566

  5. marshall warren said

    Hi Gail,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your work at the Oglebay festival last week. You asked that I email you about getting the name of a vendor who has a rust promoting solution for metal. Thx

  6. claire morey said

    Gail bought a number of your pieces at the Butler show.
    Are studio visits allowed? Could I get a price list and what is available? I love your artwork and I sent a piece to a friend in San Francisco and she would to get another piece or two. Thanks Claire 3302330430

  7. Evie Coe said

    Gail, I just walked past my/yours “bullets with heads”, I always have to stop, rearrange and play with them….. The art- item always puts a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing your creative side….

  8. hey Gail I met you at art at the park in kent I traded love spoons for your art .been try too call you I want you too give a talk at my carving club

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