I work in mixed media combining stoneware clay with found objects. Each object, much like a person, comes with a life and history all of its own, each with their own texture, utility and neglect. I like to think that I offer them a second life and add chapters to their stories. The objects are reminiscent of the rust belts of northeast Ohio  and western  Pennsylvania, with their deserted mills and abandoned structures.” – Gail Trunick, 2014


8 Responses to “Artist’s Statement”

  1. Hi Gail,

    I always love your work. I still have my “Creativity Killers” piece in my office. Really like your “Mourning Mothers” pieces.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Marianne Nissen said

    Fien website! But Iwrote this already. So maybe you will get it twice.
    You are unique! Love whatyou are doing.

  3. Marianne Nissen said

    Fine website! and for the third time: GAIL, YOUR WORK IS SO ONE OF A KIND … AND YOU ARE TOO.

  4. Hi Gail! We bought your birds for The orchard Gallery this past weekend. We make artist bio cards for each of our artists. I’d like to include an image of one of your birds…but don’t see any on your site. Please email an image to me if you have one….if not, I can take the image next time I’m at the gallery.

    kristy jo.

  5. Myra Quinn said

    Hello Gail, I just found you by Googling “Trunick.” I’m a Trunick, related to the ones in and around Coraopolis, and wonder if you know/know of them. It seems a good bet. Our (very unofficial) family history says our first Trunick (Treurnicht) in America was a Hessian who fought in the Revolutionary War.

    Your work (and the film about you) is just lovely… I live in North Carolina and will keep an eye out for a show of yours that I might be able to attend when I’m “up North.”

    A new admirer… Myra Quinn

    • gailtrunick said

      Myra, It was so nice to hear from you! The family information is very interesting to me. My husband was a Trunick and since he passed away my children have become even more interested in what they refer to as the family linage mystery. The family always believed and were told that the Trunick’s came from Slovakia. As they researched it seemed to come to an abrupt end because their great, great grandfather was a man of secrets. He seemed to have gone through Slovakia before coming to the U.S. but it didn’t seem as though he originated there. He hid the fact that he spoke Yiddish and had earlier married a catholic woman. So you see we know very little and appreciate learning anything that may help us figure it out. Are you up north often? I have scheduled shows every summer but haven’t updated my website schedule yet.
      I don’t know of any of the Coraopolis Trunicks yet but would like to! Gail

  6. Myra Quinn said

    Hi Gail:

    Thanks for your reply. Do you have an email address I could write to? Re: the Trunick name, I don’t have much info but would be happy to share what I know.

    Thanks again!

  7. gailtrunick said

    Myra, My email address is : trunickstudio@earthlink.net. thank you! I look forward to hearing from you! Gail

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