Childhood Dreams

June 6, 2013

Another new piece titled ,”Childhood Dreams”. Attached story: I remember having dreams where I was soaring, dipping and doing rolling tricks in the clouds. Thinking about them now still makes me smile and takes me to my happy place.

(c) 2013



June 5, 2013

Thank you to The Atlantic for a nice write-up about my artwork and Kevin DeOliveira’s documentary about my work. I like their quote!

“Trunick is capturing the texture of life — one that isn’t clean and beautiful, but gnarled and filled with emotion.”

You can read the full article at this link.

Happy with this little piece it’s even a little odder than most (even for me). It’s made from an old paint scraper. ” If you are going to scream I’ll give you something to scream about…”

(c) 2013